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You're Invited!

We are pleased to invite you to a special, on-demand ceremony of admission and advancement

This Knights of Columbus ceremony advances new and existing members through the lessons of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity required of a Third Degree member. These ceremonies, known as exemplifications, may be done in person or online.

By clicking the “View Now” link, you may register for and watch the ceremony, which takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

After viewing the ceremony, you will be a Third Degree Knight!



  • Open the registration form by clicking the “View Now” link above.

  • Provide the required information, including 109 as your council number.

  • Watch the 30-minute ceremony.

  • Please note that your family and friends are welcome to observe the ceremony.


If you are unable to complete the ceremony, clicking the “View Now” link above will bring you back to the registration page where you can enter your email address in the “Already Registered” field and continue watching the ceremony.

We look forward to you becoming a Third Degree Knight of Columbus!

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